AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)
AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)
AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)
AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)
AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)
AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)

AQUA "Luxe Banded" Turban (Drizzy)

AQUA Waterproof Headwear
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Save time and energy styling a headwrap, this "Luxe Banded" turban is already tied for you!

Gone are the days of avoiding water at all costs to save our hair. Now we can save our hair from being ruined by water and look super cute while doing it!

Use AQUA Waterproof Headwear to:

  • Save your hair from getting splashed and ruined by water at the beach or pool
  • Go to the salon and run errands in the rain or humidity without worrying about your hair being ruined
  • Use AQUA in the shower and replace your old plastic cap
  • Put on AQUA Headwear and look stylish while you deep condition and save your pajamas and pillows from getting wet while you sleep
What makes AQUA Waterproof Headwear so special?
  • High quality 100% waterproof fabric - keeps your hair dry 
  • Breathable - not latex or plastic
  • Soft - won't damage your hair
  • Stretchy - wear with all the fab hairstyles
  • Compact - easily fits in your purse, so take it everywhere
  • Expertly hand crafted in the US

Available in multiple solid colors and prints.


One size - adjusts to fit most head sizes and hairstyles (even locs and braids) 


Hand wash cold. Do NOT tumble dry. Do NOT iron. Do NOT steam.

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