Meet Kay & Kay

Hi!  We're Khadijah and Kiana, owners of the Kay & Kay Group.  We met while living on the same floor in our freshman dorm at Temple University.  We quickly bonded and eventually realized we shared a similar passion for learning about and coming up with new product ideas!  

We, like most of you, enjoy wearing our hair in various hairstyles (natural, extensions, braids, you name it, we’ve tried it), which means we spend a great deal of time, effort and financial resources to maintain those hairstyles.  Of course we want to protect our investment! We are sure you can relate! When we began discussing and researching waterproof yet fashionable headwear, we couldn't find anything that was TOTALLY WATERPROOF, STYLISH, BREATHABLE, SOFT, STRETCHY & COMPACT.  Trust us, we purchased and tried just about everything on the market! It was then that we KNEW we had to invent our own.

We’ve worked long and hard on developing AQUA Waterproof Headwear and are sure we’ve created the perfect solution.  Trust us, it’s going to change your life!!! We know you will LOVE AQUA Waterproof Headwear!!!! DON’T MISS OUT! LET US WATERPROOF YOUR LIFE!! PURCHASE ONE TODAY!

Kiana grew up in Delaware and decided in her freshman year of high school that she wanted to be an Accountant.  She met Khadijah at Temple University while in pursuit of that dream.  After graduating, Kiana began working in a Big 4 public accounting firm and became a licensed CPA in PA.  She has experience in internal and external audit and has worked for small and large companies, including an international NGO.  She was happy to find a niche in the not-for-profit industry and also found time to complete the Executive MBA program at St. Joseph’s University.  Kiana has always desired to volunteer and work with social services organizations and realized she could match her education and expertise with this desire.  She continues to volunteer her time but also realizes the impact she can make by focusing her efforts on bringing her and Khadijah’s ideas to life.  As a joyful mother, Kiana is excited to share her dreams and the Kay & Kay journey with her daughter.  Kiana clearly has an endless amount of free time (ha!) in which she enjoys reading, yoga, dancing, and traveling.


Khadijah is a native of Philadelphia, PA and co-founder of Kay & Kay Group, LLC.  Possessing the desire for entrepreneurship at an early age, she and long-time friend, Kiana Muhly shared their passion to one day work for themselves and set out on a dogged mission to accomplish this dream.  What began as the fantasy of two Temple University freshmen, is now quickly becoming reality.  Khadijah graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing.  She went on to have a very successful career in procurement and project management, all the while working tirelessly in her free time to brainstorm ways to solve everyday needs and develop products that would ultimately enhance the lifestyles of people everywhere.  Solving problems and helping people is Khadijah’s passion and what better way to combine the two than to start a company based around these goals?