Meet our CEO


Hi! I’m Khadijah Robinson Rice, owner of the Kay & Kay Group and inventor of AQUA Waterproof Headwear. I, like most of you, enjoy wearing my hair in various hairstyles (natural, extensions, braids, you name it, I’ve tried it), which means I spend a great deal of time, effort and money to maintain those hairstyles. Of course, I want to protect my investment! I’m sure you can relate. When I began discussing and researching waterproof yet fashionable headwear, I couldn't find anything that was TOTALLY WATERPROOF, STYLISH, BREATHABLE, SOFT, STRETCHY & COMPACT. Trust me, I purchased and tried just about everything on the market! It was then that I KNEW I had to invent my own.

I approached my good friend Kiana to tell her about my idea and we started working diligently on developing a waterproof turban and headwrap that is stylish, soft, stretchy, breathable and we could take anywhere. We spent a few years perfecting the design and obtaining a patent, ultimately creating the perfect solution. Thus, AQUA Waterproof Headwear was born. Today, I carry on the legacy we launched in 2019 and I am extremely excited to waterproof your life!

Trust me, AQUA Headwear is going to change the way you look at water. No more running from splashes at the beach or pool, or thinking your day (and hair) will be ruined when it rains. Even wear AQUA Headwear in the shower and replace your old plastic shower cap. Going to J’ouvert, no worries! Take AQUA with you to protect your hair! I know you will LOVE AQUA Waterproof Headwear!!!! We’ve got you covered.

A little more about me…

I grew up in West Philadelphia (PA) and had a desire for entrepreneurship at an early age (it’s ok if you just started singing the theme song to “The Fresh Prince of Belair” LOL). Upon graduating from Temple University, Fox School of Business, with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing, I went on to have a very successful career in procurement and project management.  During this time, I worked tirelessly in my free time to brainstorm ways to solve every day needs and develop products that would enhance the lifestyles of people everywhere. I currently live in Silver Spring, MD with my husband, Shaleek and adorable mini poodle, Brown. I am a sister, an aunt, a wife, a daughter, a niece and a friend. I love to travel, spend time with my friends & family and create innovative products that will enhance the lives of people everywhere. Nice to meet you!