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Why we invented AQUA Waterproof Headwear

Watch as we share the magic of AQUA Waterproof Headwear and the "A-HA Moment" that drove us to invent waterproof turbans and headwraps. It's time to enjoy your life and look fashionable while preserving your hairstyle!

The Kay & Kay Group is ready to waterproof your life & introduce our PATENTED AQUA WATERPROOF HEADWEAR!!!  Gone are the days of avoiding water at all costs to save your hair! Now you can actually enjoy the water, splash around in the pool, play water sports and go out into the rain and humidity without worrying about your hair or compromising your fashion style! AQUA Waterproof Headwear is the ONLY line of fashionable yet TOTALLY WATERPROOF headwear. We were extremely frustrated with the existing options for keeping our hair dry at the beach and pool and in everyday inclement weather while maintaining our fashion style. Our options were either flimsy (plastic caps) or hot, tight and ugly (swim caps) and let’s face it, didn’t work! They make our scalp sweat, thus ruining our hair, and don’t totally protect from moisture, water, rain or humidity. I think we can all relate to this. WE CREATED A BETTER SOLUTION! One that is TOTALLY WATERPROOF, STYLISH, BREATHABLE, SOFT, STRETCHY & COMPACT.  It can literally fit into your purse and is available in 3 pre-tied Turban designs and a Head wrap that you can style in any way you want!ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS WE ARE????!!!! WONDER WHAT MAKES AQUA WATERPROOF HEADWEAR SO SPECIAL?  


Luxe Banded Pre-Tied Turban

Perfect for thick hair, curly girls, shoulder length braids, silk press, shoulder length locs, weaves or wigs.

Sun Bun Pre-Tied Turban

The elastic back makes this style right for just about everyone. Great for thick hair, curly girls, shoulder length braids, silk press, shoulder length locs, weaves or wigs.

Vintage Twist Pre-Tied Turban

Perfect for those with "smaller & average" size heads, thin to mid volume hair, short haircuts, silk press, & protecting your weave leave-out.

Glam Wrap Versatile Headwrap

If you want the flexibility to tie and wear your turban in any style you want, then the Glam Wrap is for you.

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Meet our Founder and CEO

Khadijah Robinson

Hi! I’m Khadijah Robinson Rice, owner of the Kay & Kay Group and inventor of AQUA Waterproof Headwear. I, like most of you, enjoy wearing my hair in various hairstyles (natural, extensions, braids, you name it, I’ve tried it), which means I spend a great deal of time, effort and money to maintain those hairstyles. Of course, I want to protect my investment! I’m sure you can relate. 10 years ago, I began discussing and researching waterproof yet fashionable headwear and couldn't find anything that was TOTALLY WATERPROOF, STYLISH, BREATHABLE, SOFT, STRETCHY & COMPACT. Trust me, I purchased and tried just about everything on the market! It was then that I KNEW I had to invent my own. I know you will LOVE AQUA Waterproof Headwear! We’ve got you covered.

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