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Debunking Swim Cap Myths! Get ready for your mind to be blown!

African American women having fun in the pool.  All women are wearing AQUA Waterproof Headwear, waterproof turban and waterproof headwrap.  One woman is getting out of the swimming pool and takes her waterproof turban off to reveal 100% dry hair.

African American woman at the swimming pool wearing an AQUA Waterproof Turban, Luxe Banded Baller Rings print waterproof turban.


Ever wonder why your hair gets wet even though you wore a swim cap while swimming?  Swim caps were not made to keep our hair dry! As far as we can remember, Black girls particularly, have been told to wear a swim cap if we wanted to keep our hair dry, but faced frustration when it didn't work.  The fact is, swim caps were created for swimmers to protect the ears, keep ear plugs in, secure goggles, keep the pool clean and keep hair out of the face while in the water. This is particularly true for our AQUA Girls with lots of beautiful hair that gets heavy, obstructs vision, breathing and mobility.  For you, swim caps will reduce drag and help you to be more hydrodynamic while in the water.  While swim caps won't keep our hair 100% dry, they will protect it from being saturated by chlorine and salt water (which can be extremely damaging). 


Given this myth buster, if you do wear a swim cap, remember not to expect your hair to stay 100% dry when you step out of the water.  Logistically, there is no way for swim caps to stop water from seeping in all together. If a company makes that promise, RUN, it's total fake news!  To put it simply – wearing a cap leads to faster, easier swimming. The less hair catching water on the body the quicker the swimmer will move. Competitive swimmers wear swim caps for the same reason they shave their bodies; it’s more hydrodynamic.  Another benefit is safety, in open water, a swim cap makes swimmers more visible to other athletes and even rescue crews (btw, please be safe out there). 


Read more about swim cap myths in this article titled "Swim Caps Are Keeping Black Women Out of Pools" Their limited design is yet another contributor to America’s racial disparities in swimming.  Written by  featured by "The Atlantic". 


In the article, Noelle Singleton, a black swim coach in Georgia with a thick, full-moon-shaped afro, and owner of one of our favorite Instagram Accounts (@AfroSwimmers), challenges any swim-cap maker who claims a swimmer’s hair won’t get wet with their caps to send her one. She’ll actually post a review on social media of her swimming a 100-meter individual medley in it.  Black swimmers constantly ask her “What do I do with my hair?” While she does give them tips on how to keep their hair healthy, and which swim caps to buy, she tells them up front: "Please expect your hair to get wet.”


Insert "AQUA Waterproof Headwear".  While swim caps are useful, for the reasons outlined here, we have no intention to enter the swim cap arena.  The Kay & Kay Group invented these 100% waterproof, stylish, breathable, soft, & stretchy turbans and head wraps not to be used as swim caps, but as a stylish option with many uses.  A few examples of these uses include:

  • Allowing you to enjoy water sports and splashing around in the pool or ocean (go jet skiing, play with kids, even jump waves)!
  • Have a water balloon fight with your kids (a little fun while we are all stuck inside)!
  • Providing the ability to go to the salon and save your style when it's raining or humid outside!
  • Deep condition your hair for a few hours or even overnight without it running down your back or ruining your pillows (how annoying is that?)!
  • OR wear it for fashion just because! Many of us are working from home now a day, who has time to do their hair? Zoom call, no prob! Pop on an AQUA Turban!
Wear AQUA Waterproof Headwear in any circumstance (other than swimming) you can think of where you'd like to protect your hairstyle from being ruined by water or humidity. These turbans and head wraps were developed with you in mind! We have successfully provided a fashionable and functional option to put an end to avoiding water at all costs to save our hair!



Kay & Kay


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