AQUA in Use

Check out these videos to see real life examples of how AQUA Waterproof Headwear actually works!!!!


 Here's a video introduction!


 Take a look at just how WATERPROOF AQUA Headwear really is!

Watch as I enjoy a day at the pool and dump a bucket of water over my head several times just to show you how WATERPROOF AQUA Headwear really is!!! Believe us now??? Don't you wish you would have had an AQUA Turban or Wrap during the Ice Bucket Challenge?!!!



Look at our WATERPROOF, Breathable, Soft, Stretchy, Stylish & Compact Headwear in action!

Watch as we fill an AQUA Turban up with water and hold the water inside for 10 minutes!!! Not a drop leaks out!!!



AQUA Waterproof Headwear can save your hair during a rainy day commute!

It was pouring & I decided to skip the umbrella and go with my AQUA "Fun Bun" Turban during my commute to work.  My natural (not chemically processed) hair was TOTALLY DRY & straight when I got to work!!! 

Take a look at this clip!


Decided to run some errands & meet up with friends.  I refused to let the rain stop me from living my best life!!!

Check out this video to see how my AQUA Waterproof "Luxe Banded" Turban saved my hair and complimented my outfit!