AQUA Headwear fits various head sizes & hairstyles

Find your perfect match below!

The "Sun Bun"

Trendy styles & elastic back makes this style right for just about everyone!

  • Thick hair
  • Curly girls
  • Shoulder length braids & locs
  • Silk Press / Blow-outs 
  • Weaves or wigs
  • All size heads
  • Long and short haircuts

The "Luxe Banded"

The classic style sets it apart ! This is for the AQUA girl who needs a larger turban with some stretch.

  • Fits those who feel they have "larger heads"
  • Wear more voluminous hairstyles
  • Thick hair
  • Long hair
  • Silk Press / Blow-outs 
  • Weaves or wigs

The "Vintage Twist"

Timeless style for those who love well made pieces that stand the test of time. 

  • Perfect for those with "smaller & common" size heads
  • Thin to mid volume hair
  • Shoulder length hair
  • Silk Press / Blow-outs 
  • and & protecting your weave leave-out.  

The "Glam Wrap"

The Versitility make it perfect for anyone!

  • Protective styles such as really long, thick, waist length braids & locs
  • Voluminous hairstyles
  • Thick hair
  • Silk Press / Blow-outs 
  • Weaves or wigs
  • Long hair
  • and any other hairstyle & head size



Won't damage your hair. Wear comfortably all day!


NO plastic, latex or silicone. Allows your scalp to breathe!


4-way stretch. Fits a variety of head sizes & hairstyles!


Fits in your purse! Stay ready & take AQUA anywhere!

FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia Interview w/ Alex Holley

“It doesn't look like a shower cap. It's very stylish” - Alex Holley

We’ve officially replaced your bonnet! We talked to Alex about the "great bonnet debate" and how AQUA Waterproof turbans and headwraps save your hair from whatever the weather brings and keeps you looking cute!